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What about impact?

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"Impact" is one of those key words that you hear everywhere in education - and indeed across the public sector. What will the impact be of "Finding Common Ground" and how is it measured? Tricky question because so many factors contribute towards the success of a young person in school. If any of the conversations that I have with parents and families and school staff that I have had over the years (and I must have had hundreds!) has led to improved life chances for a young person then that has been worthwhile.

This project is based on experience - young people thrive when school staff and families work together to address issues. It isn't always easy and often requires compromise, but collaboration leads to a common purpose. Conversely, conflict and distrust between home and school hinders the life chances of the young person, without a doubt.

It is the case that students who are thriving have better attendance, better outcomes and lower incidence of behaviour issues. Young people who are suffering with their mental health have a more positive experience if families and school are working together day by day. Students who may have additional learning needs are better supported if families and school staff listen to each other and make reasonable adjustments, supporting the young person to make progress.

So impact will initially be based on testimony - the stories of young people, their families and schools - because it is at the ground level, the level of day to day life in homes and schools that impact will be seen....

Alongside this, however, it would be lovely to work with a researcher who is interested in home-school links to carry out a proper academic evaluation.....! If you are that person, please get in touch!

Image from Unsplash by Jordan McDonald

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