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Using social media....

It is interesting when starting a new project to think about how social media is best used. My background is in education - promotion through social media is not a natural way of being! I have made use of X (as Twitter has now become) as a fantastic source of ideas and professional information over the years, but using social media to promote "Finding Common Ground", is a new idea to me. How much time should I spend - are lots of short posts better than lengthy items such as this? How often should I post? Is a blog more effective than short posts? A lot of interest in "Finding Common Ground" has come from Facebook - is that because historically I have a lot of connections on there or is it where parents and carers typically pick up information? Is it worth putting a lot of effort into Instagram or Threads? All these questions....!

So this is a plea - is there anyone out there who can advise me? How do I use social media to advertise a free service that most people seem to consider to be obviously beneficial? I am not trying to make money out of this and the cost to the user is zero so how do I best use social media to promote it?

All advice and comments gratefully received...

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