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So the project is underway!

Over the last few years I have been asked, either directly or indirectly, for advice by many people whose child is struggling in secondary school. This can be for a whole variety of reasons. As a parent I have helped to bring up 2 sons (now adults) whose journey through school was far from straightforward and my professional background as a teacher, senior leader and headteacher is in inclusion and making schools benefit each individual.

I also, however, recognise the phenomenal pressure on schools and their staff. The system is underfunded, short of expertise to support a wide range of additional needs, and under huge pressure from Ofsted and the DfE for attendance and exam results. Our schools are full of highly committed people doing their level best for each child who comes in through the doors - what is needed is for parents, carers and school staff to work together, to listen, to collaborate and then remarkable things can happen for our young people. Everyone wants children to succeed - the question is how best to do that in the current system.....

So this is why "Finding Common Ground" matters. If we can get over some of the battles and conflict and look for constructive solutions to difficult problems then the young people benefit. I am not naive, far from it, I know how difficult this is, but we have to try to work together and I hope that some calm impartial expert advice might help people in difficult situations to understand each other and move forward.

So here goes....!

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