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Linking Education and Health - seeking common ground...

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Sometimes, when you read something, you wonder why it even needs saying! An excellent report from the All Party Parliamentary Group called "Child of the North" published this month is one of those documents which when you read it, affirms all things that you know, from experience, to be true!

There are several very sensible recommendations, but two that caught my eye were

We know that health issues coupled with lack of access to appropriate support (e.g. CAMHS...) is a major reason for difficulties in education. We know that at a local level there are sometimes unofficial links in the best interests of children (the school I led offered ad-hoc office space to the school nurse service, which meant joined-up conversations could occur for example). We know that resourcing is the key to all of this.

The report identifies the fact that schools are the "anchor institutions that connect our fragmented public services" (page 4) and that this is particularly important in disadvantaged communities. If we are to serve the needs of each individual child and family then it makes entire sense for the school to be the "hub" for the delivery of health services, but it depends on adequate funding.....

Sense is being talked, and common ground is being found amongst people of goodwill, but can it be funded properly? What are the consequences if we don't.....?

As always, I am more than happy to engage with anyone around these issues, and to offer support to anyone seeking to help their child thrive in secondary school - just visit email or message 07767142877. I look forward to hearing from you.

James Harris

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