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A force for good

With many thanks to the team at Special Needs Jungle I have had a very busy and interesting week! SNJ kindly posted information about Finding Common Ground on their site and that has been picked up by individuals and organisations across the country. It is wonderful to hear about the work that others are doing in the same field and I am having a whole range of inspiring conversations.

From support groups for parents of students with SEND, to individuals who feel that they are alone in battling their child's school; from those inside the system who are trying to make our education system work better for individual children to those who are supporting children in our country's homes and classrooms; to those who are trying out alternative models of education - there are so many of us who know that the system could work a whole lot better. Too many children "go down the gaps" of our education system and we are failing far too many of our young people.

I heard today from a parent who described herself and her family as a "little fish" in a big ocean. She described the all-too familiar scenario of a child not in school because their needs aren't being met and the all too familiar battle to get someone to take notice and to provide an education for her daughter. To that family they are not a "little fish" - it is all-important, she is their daughter. It is the "little fishes", each individual child and their needs, that we must all do battle for

We are, together, a force for good in our education system and we have to hold onto the hope that we have that there can be a better way and that change is coming...

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