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Finding Common Ground

So that young people thrive in school

It can be challenging, knowing how to work with your child's secondary school, particularly if your young person isn't thriving, has educational needs or possible mental health concerns. For expert, free, impartial advice for parents and carers contact or text 07767142877. 


It can also be challenging for school staff to know how best to build relationships with parents and carers, particularly if the young person has additional needs.  For information about confidential expert advice, support and training contact 


The Finding Common Ground project

The Finding Common Ground project offers

  • Independent advice and support for parents and carers to strengthen relationships with the school and enable issues to be resolved. 

  • Advice and training for school staff on working constructively with parents and families, particularly of children with additional needs or where the children are failing to thrive in school

  • Confidential, experienced support for senior school staff when facing challenging conversations with parents and carers, particularly around provision for children with additional needs.

What does it cost?

  • The independent advice and support to parents and carers is free that provision is available to all who need it;

  • Voluntary contributions are welcomed so that the service can be made available to more families;

  • Charges for staff training and advice, webinars and speaking to groups and conferences area available on request.



Parents and Carers - how to access advice and support

The aim is to make it as easy as possible! Either of these will work....​

Schools - how to access advice and support

Email  - it is that straightforward!

Voluntary contributions

It is a very important principle of the project that the independent advice provided by Finding Common Ground for parents and carers must be available to all.  Therefore there is no fee.   This is the right thing to do, but it makes running the project challenging!

Actually, each consultation costs around £70 in terms of expert time and resources.  So, if you are able to contribute some or all of this cost then this means that Finding Common Ground can be available to more people who need it.

At the moment income from training, speaking and teaching is used to support this project - anyone who wishes to contribute will be enabling the project to grow and to support more children to thrive in our schools.

Please select an amount to contribute

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